Complimentary LASIK Consultation
What to Expect

During your complimentary LASIK consultation with Independent Vision Group, you can expect a comprehensive evaluation of your eyes to determine your candidacy for LASIK surgery. Our experienced doctors will assess your eye health, review your medical history, and perform various specialized tests to determine the best treatment option for your unique vision needs.

You will have the opportunity to ask questions, discuss any concerns, and learn about the benefits, risks, and alternatives of LASIK. Our team will provide personalized recommendations and information on the cost of LASIK, financing options, and the overall process. We strive to provide a comfortable and informative consultation to help you make an informed decision about LASIK surgery.

Step 1: Comprehensive Ocular Evaluation

During your complimentary LASIK consultation, our skilled eye care professionals will conduct specialized testing to assess your eye health and determine your candidacy for LASIK surgery. This may include measurements of your corneal thickness, personalized corneal topography, Wavefront analysis and detailed refractive error assessment. These advanced mapping technologies help to create a highly personalized treatment for your eyes.

Step 2: Physician Consultation

After the specialized testing, you will have plenty of time to consult with our experienced doctors to discuss your findings, explore your options based on your results, and answer any remaining questions. You will receive expert advice on the benefits, risks, and alternatives of LASIK based on your individual eye health and vision needs. We strive to create a low-pressure, stress-free environment where you feel comfortable throughout your journey to achieving your best vision for life.

Step 3: Discuss Financing and Schedule Procudure

Refractive surgery has never been more affordable, many patients take advantage of our 24-month interest free financing or 5% cash discount. In addition patients can also utilize their HSA or FSA accounts for reimbursement. We will provide detailed information on the cost of your procedure, as well as available financing plans to fit your budget. Scheduling your procedure is simple with the help of our friendly team. At Independent Vision Group, we prioritize timely care. Our team works diligently to schedule patients for surgery as soon as possible, considering your convenience and the urgency of your eye care needs.

At Independent Vision Group, we strive to provide a thorough and personalized LASIK consultation experience, guiding you through each step of the process and helping you make an informed decision about your vision correction journey.

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