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LASIK stands for laser-in-situ-keratomileusis, a procedure that
uses specialized lasers to correct vision by creating a flap in
the cornea and reshaping it.

This surgery is effective for:

  • Nearsightedness
  • Farsightedness
  • Astigmatism
  • Can eliminate the need for glasses or contacts
    resulting in clear, sharp vision.


LASIK benefits millions, but suitability starts with a detailed consultation with our doctors.

  • Wavelight eximer laser is approved to treat patients 18+ years or older.
  • LASIK is appropriate for a wide range of conditions such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, & farsightedness.
  • Minimal change in your prescription over the past 18 months is preferred.
  • Your career and recreational visual needs will be discussed with an IVG Doctor when determining candidacy.


A premier surgical practice, founded and directed by two distinguished professionals, Dr. Thomas Harvey, MD, an eye surgeon and the visionary behind IVG, and Dr. Chad Vieth, OD, serving as the clinical director and expert optometrist.

Boasting over 17 years of experience in the Chippewa Valley, our team has successfully performed tens of thousands of personalized surgical procedures.

Our commitment is to transform lives by delivering exceptional vision care, one patient at a time.



Initial evaluation with detailed analysis of your unique visual characteristics

The latest FDA-approved and most detailed LASIK in the USA

Complimentary surgical drops included

No fees or upcharges for financing or using a credit card.

Wavefront-optimized surgical treatment

24-month interest-free financing

No fee for enhancements

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The first step in determining if you're a LASIK candidate is to schedule your complimentary LASIK consultation with one of our experienced doctors.During this appointment, we conduct highly detailed tests to understand your unique vision needs and recommend the best treatment possible.

The good news is even if you do not qualify for LASIK surgery, IVG offers various other procedures that may fit your vision needs.

The short answer is yes, the benefits of LASIK will last most patients a lifetime. The procedure permanently reshapes the cornea to treat conditions such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. Less than 3% of LASIK patients will ever need a second procedure to enhance their vision.

LASIK surgery does not prevent the development of ocular disease such as cataracts later in life. Cataracts can be removed and vision can be corrected even after LASIK treatment earlier in life. Cataract development occurs with or without LASIK surgery and may require removal later in life.

LASIK surgery does not prevent the natural aging of the eye and many patients may develop conditions later in life that require reading glasses. This transition takes place gradually in your 40’s & 50’s, whether or not you have undergone LASIK surgery.

During the treatment, the laser’s advanced tracking system will continuously monitor and follow the position of your eye. The eye tracker adjusts the laser treatment to follow normal small eye movements during the procedure. Typical treatments last less than 10 seconds.

While no surgery is without risk, LASIK is widely considered safe as the chance of side affects are extremely low. Long-term complications with LASIK are rare. In fact, serious complications are rare enough that it is difficult to find data on major complications caused by LASIK.

No, the actual treatment itself is painless. You will be given plenty of anesthetic drops and a light sedative to make you completely comfortable. While some patients may experience a gritty sensation afterwards, most report minimal discomfort.

Absolutely. Dr. Harvey and his team embrace collaborative care with your primary eyecare provider. Dr. Harvey and his team maintain great working relationships with regional optometrists to ensure exceptional continued care after LASIK.

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